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This is the very beginning of my musings about Android Things. You can also find me blogging on, writing security articles on or on Twilio’s Blog.

The idea with this website is to keep it as an up-to-date resource for all IoT related subjects on Android Things.

How to build a high five machine with Android Things and Firebase

Life is all about little victories and with a busy life it’s very easy to oversee important things that can give you a little bit of joy and motivation bit by bit every single day.

How to use Arduino libraries with Android Things

There’s a plethora of peripheral drivers that can be installed in your Android Things application. The list just keeps on growing and it’s amazing how some of those drivers were developed by community members. With Android Things if you happen to have a sensor that is not supported by the platform you can just write a driver for it. There’s even a couple of good write-ups about the subject.

Get started with Android Things today!

Android Things is a very frictionless Android OS that helps developers build IoT applications using the Android framework and tools. You can read more about it on What really is Android Things. Let’s have a look at how to get started with Android Things today.

What really is Android Things?

Google announced Android Things (then codenamed Brillo) at Google I/O 2015 with the intent for it to be used with low-power and memory constrained IoT devices. But what really is Android Things?